There were talked about the projects, implemented in Azerbaijan in the field of promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions
On 11 February 2020, the 13th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions has been opened in Paris, at the UNESCO Headquarters.
Our country was represented by the Deputy Minister of Culture Sevda Mammadaliyeva and the Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Azerbaijan to UNESCO Anar Karimov.
After the adoption of the agenda of the Session, the list of observers and the summary record of the twelfth session of the Committee were approved. Then, the Secretariat’s report on its activities in 2018-2019 was listened.
At the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Culture Sevda Mammadaliyeva gave a speech and emphasized, that the 2005 Convention has an undeniable global importance for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. She said that since the accession to the Convention in 2010 Azerbaijan has mainstreamed the principles of this Convention in all its major legal and policy documents in the field of culture. It was noted that Azerbaijan is a country with a huge diversity of ethnic and religious communities. Based on this richness our country has managed to effectively promote the respect for the diversity of cultural expressions, promote inclusivity among communities, enhance the development of creative industries, involve and support civil society entities and individual artists, and raise awareness of the value of contemporary cultural expressions at different levels.
The Deputy Minister said that Azerbaijan, being as an example of multiculturalism, made the active use of its cultural resources to foster multicultural and multifaith dialogue at international level and has been an active advocate to promote culture as one of enablers of sustainable development. Therefore, S. Mammadaliyeva underlined that Azerbaijan is proud that its actions have been in line with one of the objectives of the 2005 Convention – to encourage dialogue among cultures to ensure wider and balanced exchanges.
“Launched in 2008 by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the “Baku Process” for the promotion of intercultural dialogue promotes an open and respectful exchange of views between individuals and groups with different ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds and heritage. World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue is held every two years in partnership with many international organizations, among them – UNESCO as a main partner. In 2017 and 2019, the UN General Assembly adopted two resolutions declaring the World Forum «a key global platform for promoting intercultural dialogue»”, said the Deputy Minister.
In addition, it was noted that Azerbaijan in loyal to the principle of creating equal opportunities for all in the cultural self-realization and implements a number of the inclusive projects.
Culture and Creative Industries development is one of the key priority areas, covered by the 2005 Convention. In order to increase public awareness on creative industries and promote local production, dissemination and export of the local creative products and services, Azerbaijan launched a portal “Creative Azerbaijan”. This portal aims at creating a suitable platform for facilitation and coordination of sector-specific development processes, supporting different fields of creative industries: designers, musicians, artists, craftsmen and architects. Creative Azerbaijan contributes to the identification of existing potential of creative industries in the country and its sustainable promotion.
Then, Sevda Mammadaliyeva reminded that last year Baku was designated, as a city of Design, in the Creative Cities Network. Another city of Azerbaijan, Sheki, had already had the privilege of joining the Network as a city of crafts in 2017.
In conclusion, she stressed again, that Azerbaijan stays loyal and highly committed to the spirit of the 2005 Convention and will do this ever after.
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