Azerbaijani delegation attended the 8th session of the Conference of Parties to the UNESCO 2005 Convention

The 8th session of the Conference of the Parties to the 2005 UNESCO Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions took place on 1-4 June 2021 for the first time in a virtual format.

At the session, our country was represented by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan to UNESCO.

During the session, 14 items on the creative industry were discussed and relevant decisions were made.

On the opening day of the session, a statement was made on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement/UNESCO Chapter, chaired by Azerbaijan.

The statement was delivered by Nigar Gurbanova, a diplomat of the Permanent Delegation of Azerbaijan to UNESCO. It was noted that the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement  reaffirm the importance of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions by UNESCO, as a major contribution to the international community.

 The NAM declares its commitment with the implementation of the provisions included in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and its Action Plan, adopted on 02 November 2001 by the General Conference of UNESCO during its 31st meeting, in which States invited the United Nations System to cooperate with UNESCO in the promotion of the principles enshrined in the UNESCO Universal Declaration and its Action Plan, with a view to enhancing the synergy of actions adopted in favor of cultural diversity. 

  1. Gurbanova said that “Emphasizing the vital role of cultural interaction and creativity, which nurture and renew cultural expressions and enhance the role played by those involved in the development of culture for the progress of society at large”, as indicated under the preamble of the 2005 Convention, the NAM invites all Members of UNESCO to engage into dialogue to ensure the validity of the cultural manifestations of States, capable of being transmitted from one generation to another, and as an instrument for peace, tolerance, coexistence, respect for human rights and the promotion of the identity and cultural diversity of the peoples.

It was noted that the members of NAM commend the activities of the Secretariat directed to ensure the effective implementation of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity, to strengthen synergies in the implementation and monitoring of the 2005 Convention  and the 1980 Recommendation concerning the Status of the Artist, to promote the preferential treatment in the field of culture, to foster the creativity and the revitalization of cultural life as key elements in post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation processes, to develop the status of national roadmaps for promoting the diversity of cultural expressions in the digital environment, to advance the gender equality in cultural industries, to raise capacity-building and knowledge-sharing activities particularly in Small Island Developing States.

In the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations, NAM wishes to stress the importance of the public awareness to advocate for equitable remuneration, social security and economic protection systems, and equitable sharing of the benefits of the digital transition so that the International Year may lay the groundwork for continued improvement in the resilience and sustainability of the creative ecosystem.

“On this subject, the NAM stresses the essential role that the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions can play”, – the Statement was concluded.

In addition, speaking on the opening day, Ramil Abbakirov, Head of the International Projects and Innovations Sector of the International Cooperation and Innovative Development Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said that since its accession to the Convention in 2010 Azerbaijan has mainstreamed the principles of the 2005 Convention in all its major legal and policy documents in the field of culture. Through different local programs and such global initiatives as, for example, “Baku Process” we continue to bring the positive change in this field.

At the same time, it was noted that the development of creative industries is one of strategic directions in the diversification of economy of Azerbaijan. Creative Industries are included in the 2025 Strategic Roadmap within the Strategic Priorities of Azerbaijan, accepted by the presidential decree of February 2021. A specific Strategy Paper and Action Plan are being developed jointly by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan aiming to unleash the potential of creative industries and their huge positive effect on other fields. 

In order to increase public awareness on creative industries and promote local production, dissemination and export of the creative products and services, a specific programme called “Creative Azerbaijan” was established in 2019.

“For us, the last year has been marked by great changes. Azerbaijan finally restored it territorial integrity in 2020. Finally, we can say with confidence that the 2005 Convention will be implemented throughout the country. Despite the fact that all our cities and villages were completely destroyed during the years of occupation, we have not lost heart. We will revive them by giving them new life. Azerbaijan is doing its best to return to these places, bring life and revive cultural life”, – Abbakirov said.

Afterwards, the Permanent Delegation took an active part in the deliberations on various items and presented the position of our country on issues such as the "Creative Azerbaijan" portal, ResiliArt Movement, creative projects, Azerbaijan's participation in the activities of the Secretariat in 2019-2021 and etc.

On the last day of the session, new members of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Convention were elected to replace the countries whose mandates expire in 2021 – Norway, France, Georgia, Serbia, Cuba, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Burundi, Madagascar, the UAE and Palestine.

Azerbaijan is a member of IGC till 2023.

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