Within the framework of the "MONDIACULT 2022" conference, Minister Anar Karimov made a statement on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement

On September 29, within the framework of "MONDIACULT 2022" conference in Mexico City, Anar Karimov, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, spoke at a session dedicated to the topic "Heritage and cultural diversity in times of crisis".

In his speech, A. Karimov drew the attention of the event participants to the ethno-cultural genocide committed by Armenia in the territories of Azerbaijan that were under Armenian occupation for nearly 30 years. It was also regrettably emphasized that these acts of genocide against the historical and cultural heritage of our country were met with silence by international organizations.

In his speech, the minister said that the cultural heritage, located in the territory of Azerbaijan, reflects the cultural diversity of our country and expressed the importance of protecting and restoring all cultural and religious monuments, regardless of their origin, within the framework of the restoration process in the territories freed from occupation.                                       A. Karimov also called on UNESCO to send a technical mission to our territories liberated from occupation.

In addition to what was mentioned in the speech, information was given on the global call "Peace4culture", a new initiative of our country. It was underlined that this global call can be applied as a model of “Baku process”, initiative put forward by Azerbaijan in 2088, as well as a standard of peace promotion in the existing post-conflict situations in different regions of the world, emphasizing the contribution of sustainable peace to culture.

During the session, Minister A. Karimov also made a statement on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement in the capacity as a Chair.  In the statement, the NAM countries condemn all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance, and note the importance of national, regional and international initiatives for the protection of cultural property.

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