The last meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement/UNESCO – Paris Chapter in 2022 was held

The 4th and last meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)/UNESCO – Paris Chapter, chaired by Azerbaijan, was held at the UNESCO Headquarters by the organization of our Permanent Delegation to UNESCO.

The meeting of the NAM, chaired by Azerbaijan's Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Ambassador Elman Abdullayev, was attended by Tamara Rastovac-Siamashvili, Chair of the UNESCO Executive Board, Nathalie Rossette-cazel, Chair of the SIDS Group at UNESCO, as well as ambassadors and permanent delegates of the Non-Aligned countries.

Then, it was reported about the work carried out within the framework of Azerbaijan's chairmanship in the Non-Aligned Movement after the meeting held in September this year.

The main speaker of the meeting, Tamara Rastovac-Siamashvili, Chair of the UNESCO Executive Board, Permanent Delegate of Serbia to UNESCO, said that the Movement is a very important platform and during her presidency she will act in the interests of the member states, and noted that she is interested in expanding mutual cooperation.

Later, the chair of the Small Island Developing States Group at UNESCO, Permanent Delegate of the Cook Islands to UNESCO, Nathalie Rossette-cazel, spoke about the newly prepared Operational Strategy of the SIDS, saying that the mentioned countries are very sensitive and need constant support from other countries.

During the Q&A session, the ambassadors who participated in the meeting expressed their gratitude to Azerbaijan for the effective chairmanship, appreciated the very active participation on behalf of the Movement during the last session of the Executive Board, and expressed their readiness to work together in the discussed areas.

The Summary Records of the last meeting was heard and adopted.

The meeting continued with discussions on the candidacies of the Non-Aligned Movement countries to the UNESCO organs and other issues.


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